Call me a geek, but I have to confess that I find the concepts of so many green innovations like solar tubes, heatilators, rainwater harvesters and radiation barriers fascinating.

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But if you need natural light in a room without a window or any hope of getting a window, then you will want to know more about solar tubes, for starters.

I’m working on that. Soon to come, more info on solar tubes, the fast growing, energy-efficient, non-heating way to bring daylight into interior rooms.

solartubefluores.jpgIn the meantime, I give you this picture from a “smart home” I visited last week. Here (on the left) is a solar tube bringing a blast of light into a closet. As you can see, the solar tube is quite competitive with the fluorescent light next to it. Granted, it was a mostly sunny day.

Here’s another great spot for a solar tube, the laundry room. solartblaundry.jpgThe light is just enough to illuminate the room so you can peek in and find something without turning on the electric fluorescent fixture.

The thing about these solar tubes is that by using refraction they get light to rooms without direct access to a roof or outside wall. Cool, huh?

More later also on this home located in Frisco, Texas and built by green-oriented AndersonSargent Custom Builders.

–Barbara Kessler

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