green_plastic_stapler2.jpgYou thought nothing could ever replace that ubiquitous workplace tool, the stapler. But it may be time to toss that red Swingline: This odd little plastic device is a staple-free stapler. It attaches up to five pieces of paper without using any of those nasty little metal pieces. Somehow, we’re told, this new age stapler cuts a small square in the paper, folds the little pieces in on themselves and tucks them into a paper pocket. It’s touted as environmentally friendly (although we’re not sure if saving the world from little pieces of metal is better than making more plastic devices) and it’s cheap at $5.99. The little stapler comes in a multitude of colors and there is even one shaped like a purple kitty for the kids. We spotted it on, but you can also buy them at (where a little pop-up graphic shows you how it works) or at

— Melissa Segrest