A rear spoiler on our touring model gave us pause. It literally cuts your rear vision in half with a dark horizontal line. I can work with it. But I’d rather not. Ever the salesman, Darty pointed out that the wide-angle rear mirror and beeper system helps compensate for any loss of rear vision.

Given this is a compact, we had to know about trunk space. So we packed a large suitcase, a small suitcase, a large camp chair and a medium-size sport bag into the rear. It fit. We could go for a weekend. We’d save money at the pumps. We could slap on a National Resources Defense Council bumper sticker. Our new motto: Vacation locally!

(The touring model Prius we drove came in at about $28,000 retail. It had a base sticker price of $23,935 with a $4,175 upgrade package that included leather-trim, the GPS navigation, anti-theft system, six-disc CD player with nine speakers, back-up camera and Bluetooth technology for hands-free cell phone operation. Other accessories are available. For more about the Prius visit the Toyota website.)

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