leafblower-small.jpgBy Barbara Kessler

Leaf blowers. We see these everywhere. And it raises a lot of questions, like what are these guys really accomplishing?

Are they efficiently blowing dirt and leaves off the sidewalks, or is this just another way to needlessly burn precious fossil fuels? Those are gas engines on their backs, right? (Some leaf blowers are electric, but the majority of the nearly 5 million sold in North America are gas-powered.)

Next questions: What happened to brooms? And rakes? Help, it’s a low-tech conspiracy!

Final question: Doesn’t that parking lot, ironically outside an environmentally conscious Whole Foods Market look pretty spic and span? Hmmmmm. We suspect this is one leaf blower who is just blowing in the wind.

Update: We heard from a group that has a different gripe with these inexplicable, inefficient machines. The group: Noise Free America. You can guess their concern, and you can visit their website for more information. 

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