Add a green note to your Halloween this year with jack-o-lanterns featuring ferocious felines and grimacing gorillas courtesy of the World Wildlife Fund, which has posted some inspired and free carving templates and instructions.
tiger-pumpkin.jpg You can find the templates for several endangered or threatened species – the tiger, gorilla, polar bear, pandas, sea turtles and dolphins – at the Going Wild With Pumpkins pages at the WWF website.
Now if you’re challenged just making triangle eyes for the traditional jack-o-lantern, this project might not be for you. But if you’re steady with a carving knife, have patience and enjoy showing up the neighbors at Halloween, then you’ve got your work, ah, cut out for you. Photograph your awareness-building masterpiece and enter it in a contest by Snapfish and HP to win a digital camera or a consolation prize t-shirt.
Learn more about endangered species in the WWF education pages.

— Barbara Kessler