By Barbara Kessler

Cleaning the household drains is one of those chores that’s got to be done. But the job just sucks! (Get it, sucks, ha!) The caustic chemicals you have to use can burn your skin, scorch your sinuses and are not environkleerdrain1.jpgmentally defensible.

Yet safer substitutes that effectively de-clog drains don’t leap to mind. This is one eco-conundrum.

So we’re happy to report that we’ve discovered a mechanical solution, a device called the KleerDrain. We found it for $32 at Home Depot. Compared to a jug of Caustic-Cleaner-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named for $12, this does seem to be a case in which green costs more. But compared to buying an auger or one of those drain snakes, or say, calling a plumber, it’s a bargain.

Actually, when you think about it, KleerDrain is reusable. So long haul, it costs less. You do have to assemble it. Not difficult. And you will have to replace the small CO2 cartridges used to create the air blast that makes the whole mechanism work. Four of the steel-encased cartridges are included with Kleer Drain. Replacement four-packs are about $6 and can be recycled as a metal because they contain no toxic residue, says Mark Allenbaugh, president of M.A.G. Manufacturing, the company that invented and sells KleerDrain.