M.A.G. produces child safety devices for the household and was inspired to produce the KleerDrain as another way to free people from having to use or store toxic hazards in their home.kleerdrain3.jpg

At the risk of sounding like we’re shilling for Kleer Drain, we like this product not only for its toxin-reducing ability, but because it may entice the kids to actually take over this particular chore. Blasting the drains open is way more exciting than say sweeping the floor.

So how does it work? It’s like a mining operation. You seal up the entrance to the drain and then pump down quickly on the T-shaped KleerDrain, activating the CO2 cartridge that you’ve loaded inside.kleerdrainblastoff.jpg

“THUNK!” An instant “air burst” blasts opens the drain. It worked for us on two recalcitrant bathroom sinks. Within seconds after the blast, the drain was flowing. We were, frankly, stunned and amazed. (And no, we don’t get out enough, so we’re easily stunned and amazed. By the way, if you’d like to turn this into a teaching moment for your child, who will hopefully be taking over this task, THUNK is an onomatopoeia.)

Many Home Depot customers have had a similar positive experience with KleerDrain, reporting back to HomeDepot.com the blow-by-blow details of how they divested their drains of clogs. A few had difficulty achieving the seal necessary for the gadget to work. But those who did not were, ah, bubbling with positive remarks. Some were positively giddy about having saved themselves the price of a plumber’s house call.