Another inspiring item suitable for gift giving: Men’s “Eclipse” Jeans. Stylish, slim, bearing the Edun “leaf” on the back pocket (even with Greenies, sometimes label does matter), and with a poem by German writer Rainer Maria Rilke stitched into the inside pocket. Like Emerson, Whitman and others before him, Rilke (1875-1926) was green before green was cool. Made in Tunisia of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent stretch.

Price: $185
Buy it at: Edun or at Barneys, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Fred Segal in the United States. See the website for worldwide venues.

The Gift of Purified Water

Here’s another gift idea for your camping or hiking pals . Or if you’re planning on a camping trip (okatadyn-exstream-water-filter.jpgr if you “happen” to be in the Himalayas) put it on your own list. You won’t have to port in plastic water bottles anymore, but can use nature’s nectar by filtering it on the spot. Perfect for streams and lakes, even murky standing water, portable micro-filtration systems are where it’s at. Save money and the environment.

Among the world’s top-rated portable purifiers is the Katadyn Exstream. Unlike many of its competitors, this little guy actually looks cool. And it fits in all the right places — a backpack pocket, bicycle water carrier, your hand. Available in yellow, gray and olive, the Exstream has a carbon filter (to kill pesky microbes and viruses – even, some say, giardia), an internal EPA-registered Virustrat purifier and holds 21 ounces of the life-giving libation. Cartridge lifespan: 26 gallons. Oh, and the really good thing about this specimen is, no pumping required.

Price ranges from about $39.95 to $45.
Buy it at: Moosejaw. Also available at Target and many outdoor-specialty stores.

A Handle For Your Hot Java

At first, the idea of buying a non-disposable sleeve for coffee cups might provoke a double-take: Yes, it’s nice to reduce the use of those paper insulators your corner coffeecoffee-cuff.jpg joint uses, but if you’re going to carry something along on your caffeine run, why not make it a travel mug?