The twist with the “Coffee Cuff”, from design group Contexture, is that you can carry it without giving it a second thought: When not wrapped around a hot cup, it’s designed to look good on your wrist.

Made completely with fine-wood veneers discarded by cabinetmakers and woodworkers, the $68 (Canadian dollars) bracelet is clearly meant to be a high-style assertion of belief in sustainability — handsome enough for fashion mags, but doubling as a conversation-starter. The company uses scrap veneers for other products as well, including a $48 money clip that makes a nice “his” match for the “hers” cuff.

A Robe, Soft and Earthy

gaiam-robe.jpgWho doesn’t appreciate a new robe at the holidays? That’s a rhetorical question. Almost everyone loves a cuddly, warming robe perfect for curling up with books and cups of cocoa. This particular version, from the environmentally sensitive wellness store Gaiam, is made of organic cotton and seems to offer just the right blend of heft, depth and softness to satisfy customers. In other words, you won’t feel outfitted for a winter in the Yukon nor will your shivering knees be begging for coverage. The robe may cost a bit more than its bargain priced department store counterpart, but we suspect it makes up for that in its added organic cotton softness, and of course, it’s got great environmental credentials.

We wish we could report the source of that pesticide-free cotton, but Gaiam doesn’t report that on its website. The unisex robe is imported. Its machine washable and available in natural, French blue, celadon (shown), plum or ruby.

Price: $96
Buy it at: Gaiam