Palma Collection – Renewable Jewelry



Plenty of sustainable materials can be used to make jewelry, but the tagua nut seems to be about as low-impact as it gets: Harvested from a South American palm after its fruit falls off the tree, the non-toxic nut can be carved, polished, and dyed; some refer to it as “vegetable ivory.”

The Palma Collection offers a wide range of jewelry made from the tagua nut, little of which is what you’d call sedate. Vibrant colors and bold shapes abound — one nice thing about the nut is that its light composition makes big, blocky earrings much lighter than they appear. (The sterling silver hooks on Palma’s earrings don’t grow on trees, of course, but vegans will appreciate the necklaces’ use of wax cotton to approximate the look of leather and suede.)

Shown above are the $36 Hosono necklace and the $21 “Unihosty” earrings, available in a range of colors from natural-looking lime green above to turquoise, purple, red, you name it.