We got to thinking. You know the holidays aren’t just for adults. Kids love ’em too. And you may have noticed that most of them, no matter their age or eco-sensitivities, are expecting gifts this Christmas season.

So our second great green gifts list includes something for kids, large and small, and for people who like accessories contrived whole cloth from recycled materials or even garbage, as well as an item for those who want something eco-friendly underfoot and a gift package to surprise (and possibly irritate) people who need to get more green at home. Read on:

Planet Earth

This season don’t just give them the world, give them Planet Earth. This Discovery Channel 11-part series is certain to impress the nature-lover in your family and wow everyone with its planet-earth-dvd-set.jpgcinematography. The DVD set comes in regular and High Definition and Blu-Ray versions.

Narrated by actress and conservationist Sigourney Weaver, the production scours the globe to reveal the beauty of nature from the pristine poles to the steaming jungles, from deserts to mountaintops and into the deepest parts of the ocean. The series features wild life species in virtually every type of habitat, often revealing their struggles to survive. It won’t show your kids how to compost, but it will give them a beautiful overview of the wonderful place they live, and if they’re past nursery school, it’s sure to give them a second thought about trashing the place.

Price: $59.95 and up
Buy it at: Discovery Channel Store

This Bag Is Garbage