By Barbara Kessler

It’s viral and environmental. Elf Yourself, that silly make-your-own e-card put together by Office Max is winning friends and amusing users during its elfyrself.pngsecond holiday season.

Office Max reports that more than more than 83 million visitors have created more than 53.6 million elves to date since the site launched in mid November. On average, 51 elves are being created per second. Last year, when ElfYourself debuted, some 36 million visitors created about 11 million elves worldwide.

Wow! That’s a lot of elfin action on the Internet, and we can presume that some paper has been saved by all these seasonal e-greetings. Office Max didn’t promote the environmental aspects of its elf campaign, they were aiming for holiday jollies. But hey, elf on! They’re glad for any positive eco-repercussions.

“Elves are marching across the United States and we’re happy to be behind this,” says Jennifer Rook, spokesperson for Office Max. “From a green perspective, why not use it? You can get it out there, it’s fun and you’re not hurting environment.”

Oh yeah, if you’re not so much in the holiday mood, Office Max has added Scrooge Yourself to its repertory. More than one million scrooges have been created so far since Scrooge launched in mid November. Will paper cards become a ghost of Christmases past? Well, Tiny Tim, we don’t know.