On a daily basis, there are things you can do. Change your shower head to low flow. Don’t drink bottled water, use filters. If you go out to eat a lot, find restaurants that use local food resources. Go online and find information and change what we really are doing on a daily basis. That’s where we can really make a difference.

Q: A final question: What is the one thing we could all do RIGHT NOW, and cheaply, to help the environment?

A: This is real strange for me to say, but it’s something that can help. What if one day a week, we say we’re not going to eat any meat. I’ve adopted meatless Tuesdays. I don’t eat meat on Tuesdays…. The reason is, I could live on cheeseburgers, but there are more and more studies coming out – one was just in the Wall Street Journal – showing the vast amount of resources that go into producing meat: Hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water just to create a burger. So, the lower we eat on the food chain, the less resources we have to use. So I said, One day a week, I’m not going to eat meat. It’s a conscious choice. Anyone can do it, anywhere. (And it is . . . cheap.)

Q: Very last question, where can we find the LE?

A: Daily at 11 a.m., EST, on Sirius’s (satellite radio) Lime Radio, channel 114. The website/blog is at http://www.lazyenvironmentalist.com. (Note: There is a competing LE with a similar web address, The Lazy Environmentalist in the UK, not to be confused with Dorfman.)

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The 2005 book, titled “The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide to Easy, Stylish Green Living,” is available at most bookstores. Another is in the works.

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