By Barbara Kessler

Lots of companies want to cuddle up to the green movement these days. For somsigg-heart-bottle.jpge the hug is a little more natural than for others. One company that can justifiably nuzzle this Valentine’s Day is SIGG Switzerland, the maker of that indestructible featherweight, steel aluminum water bottle. SIGG is celebrating 100 years in business and launched a special website this week to commemorate the anniversary, showcase its green credentials and promote awareness about global warming.

The new website 100 Years Sigg features a “Global Warming IQ” Quiz, a list of 100 Eco-Moments highlighting historic events impacting the environment; a company history called SIGGnificant Moments and a contest for a free trip to Hawaii.

A SIGG bottle, which got its current hip design in the early 1990s, is first and foremost made to last (it’s Swiss remember) and therefore each SIGG can claim to displace hundreds if not thousands of plastic water bottles while it endures as your trusty refillable bottle. It claims to suffer none of the leaching found in some plastic bottles, keeping your agua fresh in a seamless, acid-impervious canister that Backpacking Magazine declared “The World’s Toughest Water Bottle” after field testing top competing brands in 2006.

The SIGG can be ordered in blazing, bright colors, with bottles and caps configured to fit your lifestyle, lunch box, age (cute kiddie patterns) or hobby (runners can “tie one on” with a looped cap and strap), proving that the green tenant of reducing waste is not only smart, it can be stylish. Several retailers carry the bottles.