By Katherine Tanney

The bigger the wedding, the better, right? More guests equal a grander event and, let’s face it, more gifts. But they also wrap-invitation-twisted-limb-paper.jpgmean more waste. If you’re evaluating the size of your carbon footprint, you might consider a greener wedding, starting with your invitations. Here are three places to look:

Twisted Limb Paper recycles junk mail, office paper, grocery bags, etc. and mixes in grass cuttings to create undyed handmade papers for invitations (the new wrap invitation is pictured). The envelopes and inserts are 100 percent recycled, and some are even “carbon neutral” or processed chlorine-free. The company hopes to offset the carbon dioxide that shipping and running their facility creates by investing in renewable sources of energy and contributing to environmental groups. Twisted Limb has four options to make your invitations more affordable, including Do-It-Yourself Kits (they provide the paper and computer templates, you do the rest) and assemble or partially assemble at-home choices.

At Invite Site, the promises are similar, although many of the invitations go a step further by being made of “tree-free” paper rather than recycled post-consumer waste. The do-it-yourself invitation kits come with supplies like ribbons and flowers so that you can personalize the designs.

Flora and Fauna Press promises to “mix practically any color” you can throw at them and proudly features 100 percent cotton tree-free paper. The company’s goal is to create wedding invitations that suit your personality and desires. Thinking about something bigger than your big day — the planet, for instance — is a great way to begin a matrimonial partnership, don’t you think?

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