flower.JPGAre you looking to get down and dirty for the 39th Annual Earth Day? The commemoration brings a collection of great festivals this weekend (April 20). It’s also a time to renew our personal commitment to the health of the planet. So come with us as we talk about projects you can do, like composting, growing your own food or joining a community garden. Get inspired by two bicyclists who hope to plant a million trees and home and office-owners who’ve installed wind turbines. See the list of stories:

Community Gardens: A Plot For Growing And Eating Locally

Electricity Savings Is Blowing In The Wind

Pedaling (For) Trees: Planting America Venture Starts in May

Companion Gardening: A Visual And Edible Bounty

Here’s How Her Garden Grows

Composting: Don’t Be Squeamish, Give Scraps A Second Life

Composters Dig In, There Are Lots of Choices