By Barbara Kessler

It’s eco-friendly, economical and it’s rogan-for-target.jpgdebuting at …. Barneys.
Yes, strangely, Target’s new Rogan Gregory-designed line of organic clothing is having a sneak peek on Madison Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard before heading to Main Street later this month.

Or maybe it’s not so strange. The new Rogan for Target line of separates, priced from $15 to $45, injects its down-to-earth, organic fabrics with designer sensibilities (enter Barneys). Can this alliance work? The upscale clothier, which is hosting the mass retailer’s preview this May 9-11 in NYC and May 16-18 in Beverly Hills, says ‘absolutely!”. Barneys has vocally supported recycling and green issues, notably with its own launch of a recycling program in which customers’ old t-shirts will be revamped by designers (including Rogan Gregory, who’s also worked with Edun clothing) and resold at Christmas time.

Julie Gilhart, senior vice president and fashion director at Barneys recently told the Wall Street Journal that in addition to backing green, the company likes that the Target program can help sustain young designers who often live on a shoestring when starting out.

Target, meanwhile, perceives a market in bringing reasonably priced organic cotton clothing to a public that’s increasingly asking for earth-kind products, but without sacrificing style.

“Rogan Gregory is a talented design partner who will introduce a completely new element of fashion design to our guest,” said Trish Adams, a senior vice president with Target, in a statement. “His expertise at fusing organic material with skillful design will show women everywhere how easy it is to be environmentally conscientious while remaining stylish.”

Check it out. But act quickly: The Rogan wear will be in Target stores only from May 18 through June 28, as part of the retailer’s GO International program, which is featuring a variety of private label designers on a rotating schedule.

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