By Barbara Kessler

It’s starting to sound like an Obama Campaign Slogan parsing contest out there in the U.S. Greenscape. First there was the We Campaign, started by The Alliance for Climate Protection, a nonpartisan advertising effort to raise awareness about the consequences of and solutions to global warming started by former Vice President Al Gore and colleagues.

Now, we’ve got Together, an alliance of businesses, cities and non-profit organizations, working to help America fight togetherlogo.gifclimate change. The group, announced earlier this month, has its own set of heavy hitter sponsors, including California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The premise behind the alliance: Most Americans want to do something about global warming, but don’t know what to do, exactly. So Together will tell them in “clear and simple steps” what they (aka we) can do to reduce their impact on the planet.

“Protecting our environment is a job that belongs to each one of us,’’ said Gov. Schwarzenegger in a news release. “It means more than companies changing their practices or governments changing their policies. It means each person finding ways to change the little things in our lives that will in turn have a huge positive impact on the world around us.”

Together is an offshoot of The Climate Group, an independent non-profit that started in the United Kingdom in 2007 (heavy hitter: Tony Blair). Together initiatives in the UK claim to have saved 522, 000 tons of carbon emissions and more than $200 million on household energy bills, according to their news release.

The Climate Group hopes to expand into Australia, China and India, thereby engaging the biggest greenhouse gas emitters worldwide, according to the press release.

Businesses involved in Together include Chase, the founding corporate partner; Dell, Lenovo, MySpace, Nestle Waters, Recycle Bank, smart USA (makers of those micro cars), Target and Timberland.

Target will herald its participation by giving away 15,000 reusable bags. MySpace and smart USA will collaborate to give away a smart fortwo car to the MySpace user who refers the most friends to join Together.

Non-profits participating include the American Red Cross in Greater New York, Climate Counts, Global Footprint Network, Mercy Corps, National Wildlife Federation and The Center for a New American Dream. Media partners include MTV, News Corporation and Time Warner.

The founding city partner is New York City and another key sponsoring organization is ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, a collaboration of cities.

The “Togetherizer” – an online aggregator will tally the combined efforts of everyone who adopts solutions promoted by Together.

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