By Barbara Kessler

Who would have thought we’d be hoping that gas prices had settled in at $4 a gallon? Instead, U.S. government tracking shows that they are creeping past that benchmark, ranging from an average high of $4.59 in California to a low of $3.95 in Texas this middle week of June. It’s making the math a little harder: For awhile there, people in most parts of the country could figure that their 15-gallon tank would cost about $60 to fill. But Californians are now looking at more than $68 and drivers in New York ($63.90) and Washington ($64.95) are facing only slightly less pain. And pity the West Coast truck or SUV driver with a 20-gallon tank, they’ll need nearly $100 to top off.

Are Americans in shock? Um, yeah. Several people we talked to at the pump last week say they’re feeling trapped, but are trying to seize what control they have, making modest changes and thinking about ways out of the oil crunch… Watch the report.