By Barbara Kessler

Worried about the stacks of duplicated reports and reprinted Power Points that get passed around at meetings? Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. But as companies assess the carbon impact of their activities, the paper-choked meeting is becoming an issue, and a UK company is in the wings with the solution: an electronic device called MeetingPod.

Synanto claims its new gadget can reduce the carbon imprint of a meeting of 10 people by more than 80 percent – that’s assuming the overhead projector gets turned off, lap tops stay closed and no paper copies make the rounds. Instead, each participant views the meeting info and presentations on their personal low-watt MeetingPod, which later emails a record of the event to attendees when the meeting’s over.

Thusly, the meeting is less paper-intensive and more efficient, from an energy-standpoint and for those involved, says Synanto’s sales director David Wickett. How MeetingPod works is further explained in fun fashion in Synanto’s video on the concept.

For those who subscribe to the view that most 10-person meetings are a huge time drain, the promise of efficiency will be alluring. The hardened office dissident may even see this new “meeting system” as presaging the day when he or she could simply send an electronic surrogate to the meeting altogether, thus relieving the pressure to personally stay awake during the event.

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