By Barbara Kessler

Turns out that the sour candy you’ve been dishing out to the kids because it’s got fewer calories, and well, they love it, has some serious consequences for their teeth.

Not only do the gummy versions (and to a lesser degree the chewy, crystallized, hard and foamy varieties) get stuck in their teeth, some of the really sour, tangy stuff is acidic enough to eat away at tooth enamel, according to the report out this week by the California Dental Hygienists’ Association.

This Halloween, we are advising adults to think twice about buying sour candies for trick-or-treaters, said Erika Feltham, a Registered Dental Hygienist and CDHA member who has studied this issue for more than a decade.

With repeated exposure and frequency” sour candy can lead to  “increased cavities, tooth sensitivity, staining, soft-tissue sensitivities and loss of shine,she said.

In these days of melting 401Ks and Arctic ice caps,  the loss of tooth shine doesn’t quite top the list of our immediate concerns. But it does suggest that come Halloween, we should just Let Them Eat Chocolate!

We have long enjoyed Endangered Species Chocolate, an Indianapolis company that gives back 10 percent of its net profits to conservation and habitat preservation projects and manages to produce a delectable chocolate. Endangered Species is offering bite-size Halloween-wrapped chocolates again this year for trick-or-treaters; you can order either milk or dark chocolate (72% cocoa). The product is “ethically traded”, vegan, kosher and gluten free, according to the company.

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