A reusable water bottle – a waste-trimming stocking stuffer

Metal bottles can make great stocking stuffers. They’re a durable gift and one that the recipient just might use every day. SIGG and Klean Kanteen are our personal picks. Both are indestructible and come in a variety of fun colors, sizes and designs.

SIGG,  with 100 years in the business, makes many sleek versions of its sturdy aluminum bottle, featuring fun motifs with butterflies, wild life, even mythological creatures.
These bottles are surprising light, which is great for runners and commuters alike, and SIGG verifies that their bottles have been tested for leaching and found to have no “migration” of either the metal or the resin liner. (Questions arose about this after sports bottles made of hard plastic polycarbonate were found to leach the toxic chemical BPA.) SIGG Bottles are available at sporting stores, Whole Foods Markets and Amazon.com.

Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles can carry any type of drink, keeping it cold and toxin-free, and you can load them up with juices and any other drink because the stainless will not transmit any iffy aftertaste to the next bottle of water. They come in large sizes for sport use, down to a compact 12 oz. size that’s a perfect fit for lunchboxes. Wide openings on some models accept ice cubes, making for a great way to add a drink and cooling element to a lunch box. You can also buy insulator huggies for the large bottles. Find Klean Kanteens online and at many retailers, such as reuseablebags.com.  where they are described as BPA-free and “designed in California, made responsibly in China.” Prices vary.