By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

The Eco Gift Festival in Santa Monica set for next week claims to be the biggest green gift convention in the world. With a projected attendance of 15,000 and 150 vendors, it may well be, we’re not sure, but it certainly promises a big presence with sellers offering gifts made from garbage, recycled silver and gold, bamboo, plant-based medicinal oils (hey, it’s LA), and even poop.

Make that elephant poop, which a company quaintly named “Mr. Ellie Pooh” turns into paper products.

Now that’s thinking large. And it’s not the only eye-popper expected at the festival. Cool Planet Jewelry founder Jerry Cope gives 100 percent of his profits from the company’s recycled silver and gold Stop Global Warming collection to Tom’s Shoes, inspired to put shoes on the feet of impoverished Argentinian children, gives a pair of shoes for each pair sold. They’ve donated in Argentina and South Africa.

And there are companies ready to shower all of us with helpful innovations. Like the Lucky Earth Waterless Carwash, which sells a way to wash your car without water. Conservy, man.

Other vendors will be selling eco-friendly baby products, reusable “to go” utensils, green cosmetics, garden products, totes, sportswear and recycled glass jewelry. You name it, from Goji Berries to the “Inconvenient Bag“, to that elephant poopie stationery (which benefits elephants, naturally) if it’s hot on the green scene, you’ll see it at Eco Gift.

Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post and author of several books, will be the festival’s key note speaker, with several environmentalists and green business leaders, such as Mallika Chopra (wellness expert, daughter of Deepak), Blake Mycoskie (founder of the aforementioned Tom’s Shoes), eco-designer Linda Loudermilk and Rainforest Action Network executive director Michael Brune, speaking throughout the day.

So if you’re in the LA area, head over to the Santa Monica Civic Center on the weekend of Dec. 12-14 for the festival, founded by Tommy Rosen in 2007 and sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, among other groups.

If you can’t make it, check out their vendors, some of them are the creme de la creme of green and offer online shopping.  

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