By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

I thought we’d get ahead of ourselves if we talked calendars, but now that I’ve moved into that zone where I’m noting appointments on little pieces of scratch paper because I don’t have any “January”… It’s time to get set for ’09.

Let’s first acknowledge that, yes, keeping an online paperless calendar is the greenest way to go. Hats off to my friends and colleagues who have an electronic calendar following them around on their Blackberries. I’m not so deft with tiny keyboards and as the household commissar I must have something a bit less virtual. I am the keeper of the Master Schedule and when teens related to me try to foist off the details of their next band concert or Starbucks tete-a-tete, I direct them to the Master Schedule.

So to cut to the chase, we need something on paper or whiteboard. But try to find a calendar that didn’t claim any trees. It’s not easy. I was disappointed that my favorite bookstores (I won’t name names) weren’t so accommodating.

There are several calendars of the more sturdy, practical office variety available at online office stores, such as The Green Office, which offers a nice array of appointment books and wall calendars on 100 percent recycled paper printed with soy inks. Practical and they have their place. I’m a sucker though for arty calendars.

Turns out there are some colorful calendars around with eco cred. Comic book and football fans, at least, can cheer their good fortune on this count.

The Asgard Press in Wilmington, Delaware, has gone full press into printing large format, quality calendars; their entire line of is printed on on 100 percent recycled heavyweight paper using soy inks. They offer several retro calendars featuring U.S. football teams, including powerhouses like Texas, Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State and other teams that are not always so powerful, like my alma mater, Northwestern.

These calendars are richly colored and feature artwork from souvenir game programs from the early part of the 20th century, making them a great gift for sports fans. Equally cool are Asgard’s new DC Comics Super Heroes 2009 calendar and their Mad Magazine calendar. The DC Comics calendar features Superman, Batman and Flash, among others. Both calendars been selling well, a spokeswoman told us. They are sold online and in select retail outlets.

What’s great about Asgard is they seem to have made a real commitment to eco-friendly practices, and have detailed on their website their efforts to become a pioneer in this area. They started with the idea of printing something people would want to save and collect instead of trashing at the end of the year, and recently made the switch to using archival recycled paper and soy inks in 2007.

Oh look, up in the sky! It’s a tree left standing.

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