By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Audubon has announced that its ongoing Pennies for the Planet project will support three specific conservation efforts in 2009.

The projects are:

  • Project Puffin and the Seabird Restoration Program off the Maine coast. The Puffins have been restored to the island after once being driven off by hunters, but they must be protected as scientists learn more about how to save seabirds.
  • Four Holes Swamp, an ancient swamp that supports otters, owls and rare plants in South Carolina as well as cypress trees that are hundreds of years old. Alligators and rare bats live in this soggy setting. Parts of the swamp are protected, but more land could be preserved.
  • Wyoming’s “sagebrush sea,” an endangered habitat for pygmy rabbits, sage-grouse and pronghorns. Scientists are working to reclaim some of this area, to help save the native species, like the pronghorns, from being pushed aside by development and agriculture.

Pennies for the Planet involves children with these conservation efforts by teaching them about these specific programs, and then giving them a way to directly contribute. Kids collect jars of pennies to support the projects and also participate in environmental projects in their own communities.

Teachers interested in getting a program going in their classroom can receive a newsletter for children, awards and certificates and an educator’s guide at the Pennies for the Planet website.

Prizes for the fund raising include wrist bands and an Audubon Adventures Classroom kit, suitable for kids in grades 3-5. Children also will be able to post photos, drawings and letters about their involvement on the website. (Learn more about Audubon Adventures classroom programs on the Audubon website.)

Pennies for the Planet is funded by TogetherGreen, a collaboration between The National Audubon Society and Toyota, that is sustaining community conservation programs across the United States. Audubon launced Pennies for the Planet in 1995.

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