By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Consider golfing in a downturn: On the one hand, golfers might find the club a great place to forget their troubles. On the other hand, country clubs are sure to be tightening their beltways, just like everyone else.

We recently stumbled on one way country clubs might keep their greens tidy, while keeping green, and saving cash – a triple win! Simply, it’s a robot.

Precise Path Robotics of Indianapolis recently announced (at the 2009 Golf Industry Show in New Orleans) that it had created a robotic lawnmower for golf greens.

This first fully automated mower, called the RG3, happens to also be electric. So it can condition and maintain smooth turf, without any noisy, polluting gas-engine huffing carbon dioxide into the air.

The company touts “dramatic increases in productivity and efficiency” as well.

“The RG3 will advance golf course maintenance to a degree not seen since the advent of the gasoline engine,” said Brian Wheat, Precise Path’s vice president of sales and marketing in a statement. “Our technology will undoubtedly help golf course superintendents achieve uniformity and outstanding course conditions while allowing crew workers to tackle other tasks during the greens-mowing process, such as raking bunkers, plantings, turf repair, and so on.”

We can only hope that this increased efficiency doesn’t cost anyone a green job.

But then maybe the gain in jobs producing the robots cancels out the loss of the jobs driving the old-style mowers. And probably the former are better jobs. Something to ponder while putting, or mowing.

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