By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

The Reality people have coughed up another clean coal satire, this one directed by the Coen brothers. It’s not as good as No Country for Old Men, but it’s pretty cute, and it does skewer the concept of “clean coal”.

I have to agree with one of the people commenting on YouTube, however. They make the point that, yeah, we get it, but coal is what is powering everything (or more than half of everything) right now. And what can we do — turn off our computers?

I am sure this person is NOT advocating for more coal power, but flagging the conundrum. While we villify coal, we continue to burn through electricity. I’m sitting in a dark office writing this, but my computer’s on!

There is one obvious action we can all take — or at least those of us in certain states — and that is to review our utility company’s menu of plans and choose one that’s green. Many power companies are offering plans that emphasize renewable energy.

To find out whether you live in a state where you can choose your own provider see the U.S. Department of Energy website The Green Power Network.

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