From Green Right Now Reports

Mambo Sprouts Marketing, a retail marketing firm that produces newsletters and coupons related to healthy and alternative food choices, recently surveyed 600 consumer to see precisely what they were really looking for in grocery items.

Quinoa salad, a gluten-free dish (Photo: Mambo Sprouts)

Quinoa salad, a gluten-free dish (Photo: Mambo Sprouts)

Given that the 600 adults surveyed online were already interested in organic, alternative and specialty foods, it was no surprise that 8 in 10 of those surveyed reported that they read the labels. This discerning health-conscious group of customers said they were looking for:

  • Organic ingredients (65%)
  • Low sodium grocery items (47%)
  • Low fat/cholesterol foods (39%)
  • Vegetarian items (31%)

Many also reported that they were seeking calcium-added foods or supplements (44%); Omega 3 oils (44%), anti-oxidants (43%), probiotics/prebiotics (38%), and Vitamin D (30%).

The findings suggest that these educated customers are well aware of studies showing that extra calcium contributes to bone and neurological health, that Omega oils have positive effects on the circulatory system, that probiotics assist with digestion and help build immunity to disease.

The surveyors also noted that about 25 percent of the shoppers surveyed were interested in gluten-free products, and that an even higher number, 43 percent, perceived those as healthier for their families. (This is Celiac Awareness month. For more information about this disease that affects millions of Americans consult the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.)

All these responses might be expected from health food shoppers. Mambo coupon users would tend to shop at health food groceries or for specialty foods within grocery chains. But apparently this group also was sensitive to environmental concerns. Food makers take note: Four in 10,or 40 percent, of those surveyed said they had recently tried a new brand or switched brands, specifically because it had more earth-friendly packaging.

Those who had tried a new product with more eco-friendly packaging reported that it had recyclable or recycled packaging or was compostable or biodegradable.

The Mambo Sprouts Marketing Quick Poll was completed online among 600 MamboTrack health and natural product consumers between April 19th – April 26th, 2010.