Green Right Now Reports

The Natural Resources Defense Council, and many other environmental groups, are campaigning with renewed vigor for a clean energy bill, in the wake of the ongoing BP oil disaster.

In this NRDC video, longtime conservationist Robert Redford reflects on the oil catastrophe, saying its time to recognize that self-interested  oil companies will never want to give up risky oil drilling, if there’s profit to be made.

Congress, however, could turn away from polluting, dangerous offshore oil drilling, and should consider that Americans want a new direction, say Redford and NRDC leaders like Wesley Warren.

In May, an NRDC-commissioned poll (of 800 U.S. citizens) showed that a solid majority of Americans (71 percent) favor “fast-track legislation that will require greater emphasis on renewable forms of energy and quickly move the country off our dependence on oil.”

In the video, Redford speaks with empathy toward those who depend on the energy industry for jobs. But he also notes that the oil company claims that they are doing “greener” things are suspect.