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Travelocity reports that consumers are rating green hotels higher, on average, than their non-green counterparts.

Travelocity helps identify greener hotels

When it recently examined the five-smiley face ratings its users apply to review the hotels they’ve stayed at, it found that overall, consumers were smiling more about the hotels listed as green. Consumers gave 83 percent of “non-green” hotels three or more smiley faces, but they gave “a whopping 94 percent of green hotels three smiley faces or more,” according to a Travelocity news release.

“This data confirms something we’ve long suspected,” says Alison Presley, manager of Travelocity’s Travel for Good® program. “Our eco-friendly hotels care deeply about the entire experience they provide and that attention to detail translates into an awesome stay overall.”

Travelocity touts its service as offering more than 2,000 hotels in its Green Hotel Directory and reports that it checks various certification systems to make sure the hotels listed in the program are making progress in sustainability.

The Texas-based travel service is running a special sale aimed at greener travelers, called It’s Good to Be Green, which offers discounts at eco-friendly hotels around the world. As part of its own sustainability efforts, Travelocity has partnered with The Conservation Fund to plant more than 24,000 trees across five national wildlife refuges that will help sequester 25,400 metric tons of CO2. The company also is a founding member of the Tourism Sustainability Council.