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Larry Hagman promotes solar power for Solar World.

Solar World AG, one of the largest photovoltaic solar panel manufacturers in the world, with factories in California, Oregon and Washington, has scored a dream advocate for its products: J.R. Ewing.

Actually, the spokesman is Larry Hagman, who played the oilman on the long-running Dallas series. Hagman reprises his oil baron role in an ad for Bonn-based Solar World, where someone obviously decided the possibilities were too rich to leave untapped.

“In the past, it was always about the oil… Too dirty,” grumbles Hagman in the spot, as a shot of a drilling rig dissolves into a wave of black water. “I gave it up a long time ago.”

He picks up his trademark ten-gallon hat and saunters onto the sunny patio of a house, where he looks up at the solar panels on the roof. Beaming, he declares, “Shine, baby, shine!”

And here’s the kicker. Hagman isn’t just a hired gun. The Fort Worth native is an advocate for solar power in real life. He and his wife Maj power their Ojai, Calif., villa entirely with solar panels they installed a few years ago. They also support the Solar Electric Light Fund, which brings solar power to impoverished areas.

The spot with Hagman, who’s also known for another iconic Texas role, that of the astronaut in I Dream of Jeannie, was unveiled this week online and is headed for TV later.

See Solar World’s FAQs for more.

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