The Ovopur

As much art object as water dispenser, the Ovopur is made by Aquavo and available in select stores. The creation by Manuel Desrochers is a big, beautiful, filtered dispenser that holds about 3 gallons of water (or any other liquid you’d like to put in it).

Its Aquacristal filter can handle more than 500 gallons (or about four months) before it needs replacing. .

The dispenser is made of chemical-free porcelain with lead-free glazing. The filter cartridge is made mostly of hand-blown, lead-free Pyrex glass.

The Ovopur is part art, part filtered-water dispenser

The filter, according to one retailer’s website, is designed to reproduce the natural filtration process of water. They don’t list exactly what is filtered out (other than chemicals and organic pollutants), but say the filter is made of carbon, bioceramics and quartz crystal.

The Ovopur weighs in at 23 pounds when it’s empty, and comes with either an acrylic glass or wood base. It costs $835.

If you want to go all out, check out the limited-edition Caviar Staccato or Caviar Marcoto, both beautiful double-bubble-shaped filtered dispensers. They’re shining black ceramic bottles with sleek embellishments. Each is $896.

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