PUR says its two-stage filter reduces three times more contaminants than Brita and takes out 99.9 percent of lead and parasites (microbiological cysts). They also claim to reduce 96 percent of pharmaceuticals in tap water.

PUR's large, slim dispenser holds 18 cups

Its pitchers leave fluoride in your water, though, which some consumers believe can cause bone disease or is linked to cancer.

There are three styles of pitchers, starting at about $15. One style lets you add a shot of flavor (including lemon, grape or peach) starting at $24. That and the 2-Stage Oval Water Pitcher features a built-in LED light to show when the filter needs replacement. All PUR pitchers hold at least seven cups of water.

Its filter will process about 40 gallons before it needs to be replaced ($6.50 to $8 per filter, less for multi-packs). Flavor cartridges are $6 to $10.

PUR’s larger water dispenser holds 18 cups, can fit in the fridge and costs about $29.