A new contender on the U.S. water-filter pitcher market is from Mavea, which, interestingly, is made by Europe’s original Brita (in the U.S., the Brita name was purchased by Clorox).

Relatively new to the U.S. is the Mavea line: Here, the Elemaris XL

It boasts a sleek, modern style. The Elemaris model is $30, comes in black or white and holds five cups. It touts a “pour-through lid” and a meter that measures water hardness, volume and the length of time the filter has been in use. The filters can be recycled, the company says.

The Elemaris XL, $32, holds nine cups, and the Marella XL holds eight cups and costs $25. The Maxtra filter uses both carbon and “ion exchange resin beads” to remove the common unwanted elements, the company says.

In addition, Mavea claims its filter will remove the herbicides atrazine and simazune, and toxic chemicals benzene and tetrachloroethylene, which have been linked to blood and nervous system diseases and cancer.

The Mavea filter also leaves fluoride in the water.

One replacement filter is $7.75; a three-pack is about $18 and the company says the filters can be recycled.