Two filters are available for any of DuPont’s pitchers – the Vista (6 cups, $36.25), Traditional (8 cups,comes with three lids in different colors, $21.50), and Deluxe. The larger Deluxe (13 cups) is outfitted with a dual filter, and the company calls it their premium product.

DuPont's dual filter water pitcher

That double filter will process 120 gallons, and DuPont offers two types of filters for its pitchers: the Universal will handle 60 gallons before it needs replacing, as will the Ultra Protection . Both filters will also fit most Brita, PUR and Culligan pitchers, the company says.

On its website, Dupont offers detailed information about its products and certifications, including a list of contaminants its filters remove. The double filter lists the standard chlorine, particulates and metals, but adds lead, 1,2-Dichloropropane (a chemical solvent that is rarely used today), endrin (a pesticide/rodent killer not sold for general use in the U.S. since 1986), lindane (a pesticide banned in many countries and scaled back in the U.S.) and tetrachloroethylene (a dry-cleaning solvent that is carcinogenic), among others.