From Green Right Now Reports

In this video report from Sacramento, Nanette Miranda of KABC-TV reports on the battle over the proposed plastic grocery bag ban in California.

The story quotes American Chemistry Council’s Tim Shestek saying the bill “has ramifications beyond California if it were to pass.” Shestek defends plastic bags as having a “good environmental footprint” and as fully recyclable.

It’s unclear how many plastic grocery bags are recycled. The ACC runs a website about recycling plastic bags.

But, which sells recycled and reusable grocery totes, points out in an article called “Myth: Recycling Can Fix This,” that recycling plastic bags is difficult for many recycling operations, which would rather recycle the #1 and #2 plastic derived from milk jugs and plastic bottles, which can be turned into clothes, fabric and other consumer goods. Plastic bags are more difficult to handle and are made from a different type¬† of plastic¬† that is less in demand, according to Reuseit.