From Green Right Now Reports

Coulomb Technologies unveiled its first electric charging station in the heart of Motor City today, heralding a planned network of hundreds of free electric car charging stations for southern Michigan.

Coulomb’s ChargePoint America stations, made possible through a $37 million grant from the American Recovery Act, will be installed in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Detroit and smaller towns in the region. The stations will serve Ford, General Motors and smartUSA, all of which expect to be selling electric vehicles in Michigan within months.

“Thanks to strong private-public partnerships, Michigan companies are creating jobs and leading the country in the development of electric vehicles and the advanced batteries that power them,” said Senator Debbie Stabenow in prepared remarks at the unveiling.

The inaugural charging station was installed at  NextEnergy headquarters in downtown Detroit. The power company volunteered to kick off the network in the hope it will accelerate acceptance of electric vehicles, said NextEnergy CEO Ronald Gardhouse.

ChargePoint America’s stations will enable the home of American auto manufacturing to participate in the paradigm shift to EVs by providing the infrastructure needed to support electric cars.

In addition to the roll out in Michigan, Silicon Valley-based Coluomb Technologies plans to provide more than 4,000 charging stations to eight other regions in the United States: Austin, Texas; Los Angeles; New York; Orlando, Fla.; Sacramento, Calif.; the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area; Bellevue/Redmond, Wash., and Washington D.C.

ChargePoint will provide charging stations for both home and public use, and offers services to enable their use, such as smart phone applications that will help drivers locate a charge station. For more information see the ChargePoint America website.