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The Clinton Global Initiative is literally all over the map — working to solve poverty, promote peace, improve lives and curb pollution around the world.

Former president Bill Clinton examines a Big Fish Bike as company founder Sandi Cesko looks on.

But the CGI has always recognized that climate change is an overarching problem that must be addressed, or all other goals for bettering human existence will not matter.

And so, the promise of electric and other low-carbon transportation basked in a moment at the 2010 CGI meeting. Former Costa Rica President José María Figueres presented awards to several innovators for transportation advancements that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Recipients included:

  • Green Tech Automotive, for its commitment to invest $1 billion to build electric car auto plants in Mississippi and Virginia, which will produce 100,000 vehicles for less than $10,000 each. These MyCars are expected to be in production in 2011.
  • Hertz Rental Car and the Jack D. Hidary Foundation for committing to provide electric Nissans and Toyotas as rental and car sharing vehicles, which will help the public become more familiar with electric cars.
  • Big Fish Bikes and parent company Studio Moderna for creating a solution for mass transit commuters so they can travel the initial and final legs of their daily journey. Big Fish will be part of a network of 15 mobility hubs being set up in Los Angeles and will provide 1,000 folding bikes to these locations starting in 2011.

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