From Green Right Now Reports

Climate action group announced today that more than 5,200 events are planned for this year’s work party on Oct. 10, 2010.

That means the 10-10-10 work party is on track to surpass participation in last year’s global demonstration in which people in 181 countries took part in 5,248 events. CNN called those gatherings to raise awareness about climate change the “most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history,” said founder Bill McKibben.

This year’s 10-10-10 event is asking peopleĀ  to seize the moment and take small but meaningful steps toward saving the planet, even if, and especially because, politicians won’t. Groups will be installing gardens, solar panels and weatherizing buildings.

“When we see our leaders failing, we want to show them how it’s done. We want to get to work,” McKibben said today in an update.

Actress and environmentalist Ellen Page of Inception and Juno fame has joined the movement and invites everyone to participate: