From Green Right Now Reports

If you’ve been anywhere at all in the last few years, you’ve seen dozens of variations on t shirts promoting breast cancer awareness, research and solutions.

Uma Thurman Models Donna Karan breast cancer awareness T

The latest iteration, designed by Donna Karan and sold by Saks Fifth Avenue stores, is worth a fresh look. It’s not your midriff-creeping Saturday morning t crammed with local sponsor names. This little item from Donna Karan t shirt could go to lunch with jewelry, even dinner, and more importantly, 100 percent of the proceeds of its sale will go to benefit local charity partners of Saks’ Key to the Cure campaign.

The T, modeled here by Uma Thurman (don’t expect your abs to rival hers), is available now during Breast Cancer Awareness month. It retails for $35.

Uma Thurman, who was photographed by Fabrizio Ferri in the t shirt,  is taking over from Gywneth Paltrow as the face of the campaign.

“Everyone I know has been affected by breast cancer one way or the other,” Thurman said in a statement. “It is vital that we work toward a cure as well as develop more accurate and advance testing. I am proud to be a part of KEY TO THE CURE and look forward to the day we can say breast cancer is no longer a life threat to women.”

Breast cancer awareness is a health issue, and a green issue, because emerging evidence shows that eating a more plant-based diet, or at least one that’s lower in fat, may reduce a woman’s risk of developing breast and other cancers.

BPAs, which affect the body’s hormonal system, also have been implicated in breast and other cancers. This suggests that eating organic foods and limiting exposure to BPAs (found in the linings of canned food and in polycarbonate plastic) may help maintain human health.

Saks also will donate an additional $375,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and two percent of sales (up to $500,000) from everything sold during charity shopping weekend, Oct. 21-24.