From Green Right Now Reports

Environmentalist and media mogul Ted Turner and social media and entertainment entrepreneur Jeff Skoll will be honored at the 20th Annual Environmental Media Awards this Saturday in Los Angeles.

Natalie Portman will present Skoll with the EMA Corporate Responsibility Award. Jane Fonda will present Turner with the EMA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jeff Skoll

Skoll, the founder and chairman of Participant Media, the Skoll Foundation, and the Skoll Global Threats Fund (and the first president of eBay), has supported social entrepreneurship and investment in sustainability in many ways. The Skoll Foundation has funded the Amazon Conversation Team, the American Council on Renewable Energy, Ceres, Forest Trends and the Global Footprint Network. Skoll’s Participant Media has created and financially supported entertainment that inspires social change, such as the films An Inconvenient Truth, The Cove and Food Inc.  Skoll-backed productions have garnered 18 Academy Award nominations and four Academy Awards.

Turner, the founder of CNN in 1980, has become known for philanthropy that supports environmental causes. He is the chairman of the Turner Foundation, Inc. which supports many sustainability projects, aiming to  improve air and water quality, and environmental health.

Ted Turner

His philanthropic dollars also have been spent on preserving endangered species and wildlife habitats, including vast acres of grasslands in the American West. The Turner Foundation has given over $300 million dollars to hundreds of organizations. In 1997, Turner pledged $1 billion to the United Nations Foundation. In 2009, Time Magazine named him among the 100 most influential people in the world.

Since 1991, the Environmental Media Awards have honored people and groups, as well as films and TV productions, that raise public awareness of environmental issues.