A Better Way

Flying Pigs Farm, Shushan, N.Y.

New ways, which are really the old ways, are emerging. The backyard chicken movement is bringing people closer to their food and putting the small owner back in charge. People are buying from CSAs and farmers markets and learning more about what it takes to grow food.

Essayists in CAFO say stricter environmental and animal rights laws are one way to bring factory farms under control. Consumers hold another key, says editor Daniel Imhoff. In a chapter “Vote with Your Fork,” Imhoff says Americans need to redefine healthy food.

“In a world pummeled by both an obesity epidemic and chronic hunger, it is entirely possible that nutritious foods could become one of our best forms of preventive health care,” he writes. This is an achievable and affordable goal, because the 70 cents of every health care dollar now spent on obesity and related maladies could be redirected to overseeing and facilitating new food networks.

“…The good news is that food is an issue most of us can do something about. We are all eaters, and the acts of eating and of producing our food bind us to one another and to the earth.”


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