EV leader cities are shown in green; "fast followers" are designated with orange; "aggressive followers" with yellow, and followers are labeled red (Image: Electric Vehicles in America report.)

From Green Right Now Reports

Do you want to find out if your city is getting ready for the wave of electric vehicles?  Policy and environmental analysts want to know too. The Rocky Mountain Institute and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants took the lay of the landscape in America’s top 50 largest metro areas this past year, producing a report “Electric Vehicles in America.”

The report, released this week, identifies the cities that will pioneer or lead the first wave of adoption, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Austin and San Jose and others. It also pinpoints those that are positioned to be next in line behind the earliest adopters, cities such as Baltimore, Tampa, Dallas, Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago.

Follower cities, such as Nashville, Oklahoma City, Miami, Salt Lake City, are less equipped to support EV vehicles, and are placed in a third wave of activity. They can learn from leader cities about how to accelerate the move to electric transportation, according to the report.

The assessment was based on interviews with pertinent groups during the first part of 2010, and an evaluation of whether cities had barriers to acceptance or enabling policies and incentives in place. The analysts considered public charging plans/installations, permitting, power reliability, consumer behavior and the weather.

A copy of the report is available to the public for no charge.

The RMI’s Project Get Ready has been tracking the EV movement and helping advise cities on EV readiness, and has produced a report outlining the steps cities must take to get ready for electric vehicles.