Green Right Now Reports

Illinois residents and businesses now have more choices for heating their homes or workplaces with a new biogas/natural gas mixture.

The new blend, of 8 percent biogas captured from landfills and other sources and 92 percent natural gas, is available from Integrys Energy Services, a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group.

The Integrys renewable gas program reduces a consumer’s reliance on fossil fuels by substituting biogas for a portion of the natural gas, which must be extracted from wells.

Rockford's Winnebago Energy Center captures methane gas produced by landfill decomposition.

Customers on NICOR, Peoples Gas or North Shore natural gas service can opt into the “Ecovations Renewable Gas” program to use the blended fuel, which the company says will be price competitive with regular natural gas.

The gas is delivered through existing pipelines, so there are no additional changes required of buyers, Integrys reported. Interested consumers should call (1-877-377-7297)  or visit the Integrys Energy website to learn more.The company will be planting a new tree through the Arbor Day Foundation for each new customer.

Integrys Energy Services also operates the Winnebago Energy Center near Rockford, Ill., which captures methane from trash to generate electricity.