Houston forum asks how to make the economy thrive, while saving the environment

From Green Right Now Reports

Energy, the Environment, & the Economy: Making It Work will air on Houston PBS Channel 8, on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Hosted by journalist, Patricia Gras, the televised community forum will try to find “common ground” on issues related to the global recession, Texas’ fight with the U.S. EPA over air permits and the BP oil disaster.

“Energy, the environment and the economy are of utmost importance to each and every one of us who calls this region our home,” said Catherine Mosbacher, President and CEO of the Center for Houston’s Future, in a statement about the program.

The nonprofit think-tank partners with PBS and Houston Community Newspapers to put on the forum which will feature questions the audience and call-ins from viewers.

Answering the questions will be expert panelists:

Laura Blackburn, Environmental Chair, League of Women Voters

Matthew Tejada, Ph.D., Executive Director, Air Alliance Houston

Jim Griffin, President, East Harris County Manufacturers Association

Winnifred J. Hamilton, Ph.D., Director, Environmental Health Section; Associate Director of Research/Policy,      Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Research Center, Baylor College of Medicine

Jim Blackburn, Environmental Attorney; Lecturer, Rice University

Walter Ulrich, President & CEO, Houston Technology Center

Pat French, President, Foundation for Energy Education; Senior VP, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

Praveen Kumar, Professor of Finance; Director of the Global Energy Management Institute, University of Houston

Houston Have Your Say is an award-winning television series of 60-minute live television broadcasts set up as interactive town hall forums.