6. Talon Court house shows a “new normal” in green single-family homes

Talon Court in Wilmington, N.C.,  won the 2010 Single Family LEED for Homes award.

The USGBC calls this house at 3404 Talon a “normal home” – meaning that it looks just like another middle-income suburban residence. But it’s far from ordinary, containing demonstrations of geothermal and solar thermal power; a green roof with rainwater harvesting; pervious pavement; toilets that flush using collected water and efficient lighting.

The point of the gut rehab project by architect Jay DeChesere was to showcase as many green features as possible and show home buyers, contractors and vendors what can be accomplished in home whose outward appearance would fit in on many existing streets.

The remodeled 1980s house is projected to save 72 percent in energy costs over a comparable non-green 1,648 sf house. Its designers collaborated with the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance, a grassroots education group. The home, though occupied, remains open for public tours.