From Green Right Now Reports

Non-profit Green America has named Sustainable NYC the winner of the 2011 People’s Choice Awards for Green Business.

The New York store sells green gifts, from organic clothing to Fair Trade jewelry and many other products, both online at at its store at Avenue A and 9th Street in Manhattan’s East Village.

Hazelnut Kids organic cotton doll

The store, which features a cafe that serves Fair Trade coffee and hosted workshops and events, functions like a community center for eco-minded shoppers, according to Green America. It was the top vote getting in an online contest by Green America, which offers a “Seal of Approval” to eligible businesses and maintains a business directory.

The other nine finalists for the 2011 People’s Choice Award for Green Business of the Year are:

Bella Luna Toys, Rockland, Maine, which sells a variety of toys made from eco-friendly materials like wood and silk. It’s owned by a Waldorf teacher, who’s also the mother of two boys

Seven Hopes United, San Francisco, Calif., which sells imported, artisan gifts and decor items  that are Fair Trade certified, assuring that workers receive a fair wage for their labor.

Divine Chocolate, Washington, D.C.. Divine Chocolate sells only 100 percent certified Fair Trade chocolate, which means there’s no forced labor or wage issues that arise with corporate candy companies. Divine is also 45 percent worker-owned by cocoa farmers from the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa cooperative in Ghana, according to Green America.

Dress made of bamboo and other fibers, sold by Faeries Dance.

Faerie’s, Harbor City, CA. This clothing retailer sells fashion made from soy, organic cotton and renewable hemp as well as jewelry made from recycled metals.

EarthKind, Bismark, North Dakota. EarthKind sells healthy alternative air fresheners made of corn cob chips, odor-absorbing volcanic ash, and essential oils.  EarthKind makes FreshCab nontoxic, cruelty-free rodent repellent, “enthusiastically recommended by several Green America members”. (We smell a rat lover!)

Hazelnut Kids, Traverse City, Mich.. This green company offers alternative toys made without the plastics and toxic chemicals. All of Hazelnut Kids’ toys are made from natural materials like sustainably harvested wood and organic cotton, and they’re selected by owner Tracy Coe for their ability to stimulate a child’s imagination and sense of fun.

Purple Dragon Food Co-op, Glen Ridge, NJ. Operated by its members, the Purple Dragon Food Co-op in Glen Ridge, NJ, sends out a mixed basket of locally sourced and organic fruits and vegetables to its members every other week, all across the northern half of the state. Members pay $46 to $53 for every delivery and work one hour every three months to help keep the co-op running smoothly.

DivaCup, Kitchener, Ontario. OK, this one won’t make a gift, but it solves an ongoing problem. The DivaCup is a menstrual alternative for eco-minded women on the go. Instead of contributing to the more than six billion disposable tampons flushed away each year—and plastic applicator waste —DivaCup’s enthusiastic customers use the company’s reusable tampon alternative, which is made of health-caregrade silicon.

Reach and Teach, San Mateo, Calif.. Reach and Teach describes itself as “a peace and social justice learning company,” that sells books, games, puzzles, toys, curriculae, music, posters, DVDs and maps for people of all ages, including the homophobia-combating book Sometimes a Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon. (Enlightenment through humor).