From Green Right Now

Adele’s lovely pipes may have charmed the Grammy judges this year.

But its her skin care that has natural body products maker Weleda crowing.

The diva credits Weleda Skin Food with keeping her fresh-faced look well moisturized. Last year, she told the Sunday Sun UK, “I like to use Skin Food by Weleda because I feel really replenished when I do.”

That’s the kind of publicity you cannot buy, and Weleda wants everyone to know that its botanical Weleda Skin Food (available at Whole Foods Markets and other stores, $11-$18) not only helps “restore moisture and elasticity to skin” but works for chapped lips, dry elbows and calloused feet. The cream relies on sunflower seed oil to work its moisturizing magic.

Adele, we can all agree, deserves a nourishing cream after a long night in the spotlight.

And so do you. (Minus the spotlight, of course.)

(Read how Weleda has used only natural ingredients for 90 years.)