Lauren Basile
Special contributor to Green Right Now

Green is the new blonde.

Green with Envy uses organic and non-toxic salon products.

That’s the theme behind Scottsdale’s first premier organic salon and spa, Green with Envy Organic Hair Studio, which provides a refreshingly non-toxic and chemical-free salon experience for everyone.

These organic salons are quickly becoming a national trend with one or two popping up in nearly every major city. According to a recent Health and Beauty Industry report from a J.P. Morgan research analysts, the organic segment of the salon industry is growing by 16.7 percent per year. While still in its early stages, organic salons are changing the industry by banishing traditionally harsh fumes and chemicals that can be irritating and uncomfortable.

Braidy Hunt, manager and head stylist of Green with Envy, told of the salon’s commitment to providing a healthier and happier experience for all customers.

“We are the only clean-air salon in the Valley,” said Hunt. “We don’t do perms or relaxers which give off a lot of chemicals.”

Founded by two friends who recognized a lack of green salons in Arizona, the studio offers hair cuts, coloring and styling as well as nail services, massage therapy, waxing and facial treatments all while using organic products that are healthier for your hair and overall lifestyle.

“A lot of hair products use fillers that literally just put a coating on each individual strand,” Hunt said, “but it will rinse off and the coating becomes buildup which leads to even more problems.”

With safer products, the salon is healthier for employees as well as clients.

Coming from a traditional salon, Hunt quickly realized when she joined Green with Envy in October of 2011 that she never had to worry about what she was using in her client’s hair ever again.

“I feel like when I go to work I never worry about what my hands are touching and if it could affect my body or my health,” she said.

Organic hair color products differ from regular by containing no ammonia or sulfates, and instead using ingredients derived from natural grape-seed oil that actually repair the hair while providing longer lasting color.

“We are all in love with these products and use them at home,” said Lauren Price, the salon’s receptionist.

“As far as products go, before we put anything on the shelf we go through a very strict ingredient process,” Hunt said. “Any product that pulls up toxicity above a seven (on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database) we don’t use. We try to keep it down to a mild three to four range.”

Green with Envy uses two hair color lines, Mastey Teinture Hair Colour and Essensity Colour by Schwarzkopf, and three hair products lines, Eufora, Neuma and Soma, and Eminence Organic Skin Care for skin treatments. All these products are completely organic and some are also vegan and gluten free.

But the salon doesn’t just boast organic hair products; the entire building is built with the environment in mind.

Designed by a LEED certified architect, the salon was built using environmentally-friendly materials including recycled denim insulation, recycled and reused fixtures for furniture and décor, hybrid computers, a tank-less water heater and dual-flush toilets.

The salon even recycles every bottle used and donates all hair clippings to a non-profit organization that uses them to create mats that clean up oil spills.

With so much love for the environment happening in one place, the salon also helps out people with a variety of skin problems who can’t handle the harsh toxics and chemicals of traditional salons.

“There’s been a huge demand for a green salon because people with asthma or allergies can come without having reactions to the chemicals,” Hunt said.

The salon’s safe setting allows for pregnant women, people with allergies and sensitive skin, and even cancer patients, to be treated to a luxurious, custom beauty experience.

“These are the people that have a need to be taken care of,” Price said.

While organic apples may cost extra, use of natural products at Green with Envy doesn’t add significantly to the costs of treatments.

With hair cuts ranging from $30-60, a full highlight for $110 and an up-do style for $65, going green in your hair doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice giving up the green in your wallet.

“Now people are becoming more aware of their environment and in doing so it’s making people have a healthier lifestyle all around,” Hunt said.

Located in Optima Camelview Village, Green with Envy Salon is located in the heart of Scottsdale right near Fashion Square. For more information visit the website or call 480-553-7235.

(Lauren Basile is a student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University.)