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Here’s a concept: Instead of letting piles of catalogs swamp your countertops and tables, switch to electronic versions.

Catalog Spree is one option. This well-rated app for iPad now boasts a catalog of 200 catalogs, which you can browse in full color (if you have an iPad).

To press its paper-saving goals, Catalog Spree partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation this month to raise awareness about all those trees used to produce all those shiny (and unshiny) unsolicited catalogs that leap into your mailbox every week. The company will be planting one tree for each new customer — up to 25,000 trees.

This program aims to replace some of the estimated 53 million trees cut down annually to produce the 3.6 million tons of paper need to make the 19 billion catalogs mailed in the US each year, according to (Catalog Choice is a different service, which helps you opt out of these pesky un-eco mailings. We’re going to trust that their figures are close to the mark, though they could be a little inflated because some companies have reduced the size of their catalogs.)

Back to Catalog Spree’s plan. The app company will aptly plant one tree for every download during the month of April.

Now normally, we don’t often feature buy-this-and-we’ll-donate-this type offers. So many of them are just marketing strategies to get people to buy stuff.

But we’re making an exception here, because the one tree per download seems like it offers pretty strong upside for the earth, and the app will continue to assist users in reducing their paper needs.

Yes, you’ll be using more juice for your electronic device. But that will consume less energy than the whole merry-go-round involved in cutting trees to make catalogs and then driving them around to everyone’s house. (Electricity consumption by personal electronic devices is a topic that deserves its own day in court.)

The trees will be planted in the Pike National Forest.

Some of the retailers whose catalogs you can see on Catalog Spree (nice name, btw) are Neiman Marcus, Sears, jcpenney, Lowe’s, Merrell, American Girl, and Hanna Andersson.

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